MyGov, Intel & DST announce the Top 10 Innovators from Intel & DST – Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 (“#IFDIChallenge2”)

The #IFDIChallenge2 has the continued support of MyGov and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (“MeitY”) and is anchored by T– Hub Foundation, one of India’s largest incubators.

The #IFDIChallenge2 received 797 entries that aim to create a Digital India through innovative solutions and solve existing problems faced by her citizens. Out of these, 20 shortlisted participants presented ideas to a panel of experts and at the end of this phase, top 10 selected teams entered the accelerator phase wherein they are eligible to receive grants of up to Rs. 3 lakh and mentoring to build Minimum Viable Products (“MVPs”) based on Intel® architecture.

The top ten innovations in #IFDIChallenge2 center around Smart City, Agricultural Solutions, Healthcare and Sustainability.

The accelerator phase includes a residential week-long boot camp at T-Hub, Hyderabad led by GBI, T-Hub and USMAC with mentoring from experts such as Pradeep Lokhande (Rural Marketing) and Ashish Deshpande (Design Thinking) as part of Intel led #LetsTalkInnovation series of webcasts and Intel technical specialists. Teams will build their MVPs out of their locations with virtual team management and mentoring by a panel of experts from Government, Intel, T-hub, Industry and GBI. This phase will culminate with a Demo Day at Hyderabad on 9th February, 2016 wherein teams will present their prototypes to a panel of experts. At the end of this phase, up to top three teams will be identified to move into the next round of the #IFDIChallenge2. Engineering support and product kits are provided by T-Hub, Intel and Intel-trained engineers and it also includes access to Intel India Maker Lab in Bengaluru.

We are extremely proud to present the top 10 entries of the #IFDIChallenge2 and look forward to disruptive innovations that impact millions of Indians. The battle of innovations towards the vision of a Digital India begins now!

Congratulations to the Top 10 teams of #IFDIChallenge2!

Startup Name Name City Industry
Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Jainam Mehta Ahmedabad Smart City
Gayam Motor Works Pvt. Ltd. Sriharsh B Hyderabad Sustainability / Renewable
AllizHealth Chinmoy Mishra Pune Healthcare Solutions
Iotrek Technology Pvt. Ltd. Piyush Vishwakarma Delhi Smart City
NeuroTech Nitin Vasanth Kochi Healthcare Solutions
INICU and ICHR Harpreet Singh Delhi Healthcare Solutions
E-DeWeeder Nitin Saluja Chandigarh Healthcare Solutions
Banyan Sustainable Waste Managment Pvt. Ltd. Mani Vajipey Hyderabad Sustainability / Renewable
Waste Ventures India Roshan Miranda Hyderabad Sustainability / Renewable
Thyrometer Varsha Singh Chandigarh Healthcare Solutions