MyGov, Intel & DST announce the Top 10 Innovators from Intel & DST – Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 (“#IFDIChallenge2”)

The #IFDIChallenge2 has the continued support of MyGov and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (“MeitY”) and is anchored by T– Hub Foundation, one of India’s largest incubators.

The #IFDIChallenge2 received 797 entries that aim to create a Digital India through innovative solutions and solve existing problems faced by her citizens. Out of these, 20 shortlisted participants presented ideas to a panel of experts and at the end of this phase, top 10 selected teams entered the accelerator phase wherein they are eligible to receive grants of up to Rs. 3 lakh and mentoring to build Minimum Viable Products (“MVPs”) based on Intel® architecture.

The top ten innovations in #IFDIChallenge2 center around Smart City, Agricultural Solutions, Healthcare and Sustainability.

The accelerator phase includes a residential week-long boot camp at T-Hub, Hyderabad led by GBI, T-Hub and USMAC with mentoring from experts such as Pradeep Lokhande (Rural Marketing) and Ashish Deshpande (Design Thinking) as part of Intel led #LetsTalkInnovation series of webcasts and Intel technical specialists. Teams will build their MVPs out of their locations with virtual team management and mentoring by a panel of experts from Government, Intel, T-hub, Industry and GBI. This phase will culminate with a Demo Day at Hyderabad on 9th February, 2016 wherein teams will present their prototypes to a panel of experts. At the end of this phase, up to top three teams will be identified to move into the next round of the #IFDIChallenge2. Engineering support and product kits are provided by T-Hub, Intel and Intel-trained engineers and it also includes access to Intel India Maker Lab in Bengaluru.

We are extremely proud to present the top 10 entries of the #IFDIChallenge2 and look forward to disruptive innovations that impact millions of Indians. The battle of innovations towards the vision of a Digital India begins now!

Congratulations to the Top 10 teams of #IFDIChallenge2!

Startup Name Name Email City Phone Industry
Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Jainam Mehta Ahmedabad 8866660039 Smart City
Gayam Motor Works Pvt. Ltd. Sriharsh B Hyderabad 9848445851 Sustainability / Renewable
AllizHealth Chinmoy Mishra Pune 9740560710 Healthcare Solutions
Iotrek Technology Pvt. Ltd. Piyush Vishwakarma Delhi 7895241887 Smart City
NeuroTech Nitin Vasanth Kochi 9633110602 Healthcare Solutions
INICU and ICHR Harpreet Singh Delhi 9910861112 Healthcare Solutions
E-DeWeeder Nitin Saluja Chandigarh 9416480398 Healthcare Solutions
Banyan Sustainable Waste Managment Pvt. Ltd. Waste Ventures India Mani Vajipey Hyderabad 7702600311 Sustainability / Renewable
Waste Ventures India Roshan Miranda Hyderabad 9100976109 Sustainability / Renewable
Thyrometer Varsha Singh Chandigarh 9779801234 Healthcare Solutions