Thyrometer: diagnosing thyroid within minutes

In India, thyroid cases are rising every day. 68% of the Indian population is rural and thyroid disorders are affecting them severely. Nearly 42 million Indians reportedly have abnormal thyroid hormone levels.

As per studies, the problem is more prevalent in women than men. About 26% of the women diagnosed were found to have abnormal thyroid levels compared to 24% of the men. Most of the times, there has been a gap in getting the thyroid levels checked on a routine basis. Our idea began with the thought of being able to measure the thyroid levels without much of an effort and on a day to day basis, in a nut-shell, by applying the very basic- ‘Do It Yourself’ thought.

While we understood that there are severe complications to the occurrence of thyroid including unresolved cases of birth defects in new born, we decided to solve this problem by catering to the masses.

In a nation with a maximum population of young individuals, congenital disabilities are now commonly seen among men, women, and pregnant women as well. Our vision is in line with the government’s Digital India Vision, and we aim to change the way the rural population get themselves diagnosed or the urban lot get affected.

The handheld device uses 10 microlitre(0.01 ml) of blood instead of using 2-3 ml of blood in the conventional lab procedures. We strive to reduce the time, money, anxiety and keep multiple organ failures away to which a thyroid patient can succumb.

Our innovative portable handheld device, Thyrometer is battery operated and can easily diagnose thyroid within minutes. This device is the solution to encourage the non-reported cases in rural/suburban areas in India.

Intel & dst – innovate for digital india challenge 2.0 Accelerated the pace of our idea

The Challenge has been a great platform to make the Thyrometer a reality in a few weeks down the line. It will motivate people to keep a control of their thyroid levels. The team has worked hard to develop this device at an affordable price.

The biggest challenge is to target the healthcare market that can become the medium to supply the med-tech device. This Challenge gave our idea a boost and enlightened our path to make this idea recognizable. Our innovation was exposed, polished and supported, and aligned our vision for the betterment of the Indian society, specially the rural population.

Our Journey from the Top 50 to Top 10 has been A Great Learning Experience

It was great to receive a call to be in the Top 20 to pitch our idea. The Thyrometer team worked hard as we hoped to provide the healthcare product to millions suffering in both, rural and urban India. We were called to T-Hub Hyderabad to pitch about our innovation.

Being at one of India’s leading start-up incubator, the T-Hub, we were delighted to be in the Top 10 Innovators. The experience at T-Hub paved our way to go global also with our innovation and made us work hard like never before. Experts guided and mentored us while the Intel® Architecture gave us technology to incorporate.

Our mentors Shaped our Innovation

Remote monitoring, direction and the thorough technical wisdom from the mentors at the Intel & DST – Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 shaped our innovation and helped us in getting prepared for the innovative Challenge ahead.

Our Idea Truly Complements Health of Rural and Urban India

Thyrometer holds a great promise for those who have metabolic disorders related to thyroid. It is a strip based method where one prick can quantify thyroid levels. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can be predicted within 5 minutes. Patients do not have to travel long distances to the labs to get themselves tested; the product is a portable, and can be very conveniently used in diagnosing the thyroid levels with the ‘Do It Yourself’ approach in rural and urban areas of India.

Thyroid related disorders affect multiple organs in the long run.

Since it is treatable and a patient can have a healthy life, monitoring thyroid levels through this device can promise a healthy life to everyone. We foresee a great scope for our product, since its battery operated and can easily diagnose thyroid within minutes. This device is the solution to encourage the non-reported cases in rural/suburban areas in India.

We would like to thank those visionaries who believed that we could go forward and inspired us with their excellent support.