Oizom: Making Air-Quality Visible through Technology

One of the biggest challenges in India today is the quality of the air we breathe and the ill health it is causing our people and the flora and fauna around us.

Air pollution and the diminishing air quality is today the most alarming environment concern in our lives., So, we decided at Oizom to leverage this thought by ‘making air quality visible through technology’. We are an IoT-based web platform for monitoring air quality.

We, the founders, Ankit, Vrushank, and Sohil started working on an innovation on the most fundamental element of life - air. With this innovation, the various parameters of ambient air like dust particles, hazardous gases, ambient noise, odours, radio waves, etc can be effectively measured and dealt with.

Technology that Acquires Environmental Data and Provides Solutions

Among the most advanced ambient air-quality monitoring equipment is the Polludrone from Oizom. It is solar powered and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure.

It measures various parameters of ambient air like dust particles, hazardous gasses, ambient noise, odors, radio waves, etc.

The data from the Polludrone is saved in the Oizom Terminal, a Cloud Analytics software, which offers Real-time Air-Quality Data Modelling, Air-Quality Data Analytics, Automated Reports, Smart Notifications, Real-time Pollution Mapping, Air-Quality Predictions, Pollution Source Finding, and much more.

Through the Polludrone eco-system, Oizom provides environmental data-driven solutions for scientific research and critical work.

Simple Thought to Real-time Air-Quality Data Modelling

Polludrone is user friendly and can be easily integrated to detect air quality and allows users to take appropriate action based on the relevant data and reports.

It can be mounted on existing city infrastructure to monitor roadside air-quality to detect air and noise pollution caused by heavy traffic.

The applications and scope of the Polludrone help determine hidden environmental patterns and monitor the impact of pollution and urbanization.

The Intel & DST - Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 helped shape our vision

The Digital India vision of the Government that seeks to empower every citizen with the benefits of technology by enabling digital transformation and the Challenge floated by Intel and DST, anchored by T-Hub Foundation, is the perfect breeding ground for it. The accelerator phase of the Challenge has been fruitful for team Oizom.

We have been able to accelerate our development process along with the support from Intel, T-hub, and MyGov. We had a chance to rework our business model and structure it in a better way.

We have made changes that we expect will create long-term impact.

For once, we realized a lot more about the potential of the Intel® Edison board, capabilities we weren’t aware of before attending the sessions.

This allowed us to integrate our environmental sensors more accurately which allowed us a lot more processing power.

We would say that overall,
the accelerator phase of the Challenge has acted
as our guide and mentor to innovate for Digital India truly.

One of the seemingly innocuous bits of advice we received was not to limit ourselves to the Indian Market. We had a discussion and decided to expand our market outside India. We would say that overall, the accelerator phase of the Challenge has acted as our guide and mentor to innovate for Digital India truly.

The business perspective and how to tap into the market are some of the best learnings we have received through the Challenge.

We are delighted by the surprisingly high-quality support the Intel and T-Hub team has provided on the hardware front.

The Challenge has played a significant role in the robust development at Oizom. With constant support from Intel, T-Hub, and Intel trained engineers, building technology has become more powerful. It was through the design workshop held at Pune on December 26th, 2016 that we furthered our understanding.

The Long Term Impact

We aim to emerge as an environmental big data company. We believe once there’s a dense network of air-quality monitors across the country we can interpret and discover several air-quality models which will assist us in finding pollution sources and even predict the environment for us.

The future impact lies in taking appropriate actions in urban infrastructure by detecting air-quality. Right from the existing city infrastructure for roadside air-quality monitoring to detecting air and noise pollution, the innovation can streamline many environmental issues faced by the society at large.

The innovation can be immensely helpful in monitoring the forest air quality and thus protecting the forests from hazardous gasses and pollutants. In a nutshell, we strive to discover hidden environmental patterns and monitor the impact due to pollution and urbanization.