IoTrek Technology: Reinventing the Wheel

The critical resources of the Earth like food, energy, agriculture and water must be nurtured and saved, and hence we look forward to creating a new world of connected objects, people, processes, and organizations. We strive to bridge the gap between existing fundamental problems of mankind and save such critical resources. We look forward to creating a new world complete with resources. We believe in fundamentals. We believe in reinventing the wheel.

We can solve the complex real world problems with applications of intelligence (AI). For example, creating a smart city to address the aspirations and needs of the citizens, and urban planners to nurture the entire ecosystem that includes institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructure.

Our product aims to bring about intelligent solutions through the LoRa network. LoRa is a Low Power Wide Area Network intended for wireless battery operated Things on a regional, national or global network. LoRaWAN targets essential requirements of Internet of Things such as secure bi-directional communication, mobility and localization services.

We have decided to take the inefficiencies of the world to an efficient mode, curtailing the loss in verticals like food, energy, agriculture, etc. Starting up is an unpredictable journey with amazing surprises at each stage. The most important learning is to act fast. Aggressive actions will enable us in removing inefficiencies in product design to business creation.

Our Products portfolio includes IoT Network, Smart Sensors & Analytics Panel. It is built around LoRa (Long Range) technology. LoRaWAN is a protocol specification built on top of the LoRa technology developed by the LoRa Alliance. It uses unlicensed radio spectrum in the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) bands to enable low power, wide area communication between remote sensors and gateways connected to the network. This standards-based approach to building an LPWAN allows for quick set up of public or private IoT systems anywhere using hardware and software that is bi-directionally secure, interoperable and mobile, provides accurate localization, and works the way you expect.

The Journey from Top 20 to Top 10

We are iterating aggressively in each and every portion of this journey; product, team, vision, goals, market, etc. It’s evolving daily with more understanding of the complete value chain. Our mentors at T-Hub have expertise in different verticals of the ecosystem starting from product development to business development, and we received valuable insights from them in all our sessions. The critical aspect of this endeavor is to understand our value proposition and where to position ourselves in this value chain.

This whole journey is enabling us in learning every aspect of this ecosystem. We had bits and pieces of an impactful product with a little understanding of its penetration capabilities. We are now a team of eight people having a similar mindset with an ambitious vision. All are working aggressively towards making this dream successful by bringing valuable diverse assets to the table.

Intel® has very deep understanding of creating impactful products for the world. Just the name of Intel® is so inspirational for us, and it’s driving us to create something equally impactful as Intel®. We are growing fast, but it’s not enough.

The Intel & DST- Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 Shaped our Ideas into Impactful Innovations

The Challenge acted as a unique platform to learn from experts and seek solutions for various stages involved in driving the startup ecosystem. We, young entrepreneurs, leveraged their expertise in developing business strategies and finding the perfect place of our startup in this complete ecosystem. We have an excellent product in hand with an understanding of its penetration capabilities in the Indian market. The Challenge indeed helped us to shape our business to have maximum effect and penetration on ground level. The accelerator phase is helping us in building a strong foundation of the company, and it is assisting us in creating an amazing innovative culture.

Intel® is helping us in developing IoT network infrastructure by using Intel® Architecture based LoRa gateways. It helps us in deploying highly scalable and secure citywide wireless network specialized for sensors.

Our Mentors showed us the Right Path

The mentors at The Intel & DST- Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 have expertise in different verticals of the ecosystem starting from product development to business development.

The critical aspect of this endeavor is to understand our value proposition and where to position ourselves in this value chain. The mentors spent many hours with us in defining those values and giving us a meaningful profile.

The Long Term Impact

We firmly believe in creating values by connecting objects, people, processes, and organizations. With a sharp focus and an ambitious team, we will mark our presence in the world. In the first few months, we are building a strong foundation and an innovative community of customers and developers. We are nurturing an advanced, smart and sustained ecosystem. We are building an IoT infrastructure of Dedicated IoT Network, Smart Sensors and Analytics Panel.

Our Products are based on LoRa technology which offers a very compelling mix of long range, low power consumption, and secure data transmission.

Public and private networks using this technology can provide coverage that is greater in range compared to that of existing cellular networks. It is easy to plug into the existing infrastructure and offers a solution to serve battery-operated IoT applications.

It enables sensors to have the battery life of 10 years and the range of 15 km at 1/10th the cost of existing technologies. According to the annual Emerging Markets Smart Grid: Outlook 2015 study by the Northeast Group, LLC, the world loses US$89.3 billion annually to electricity theft.

The highest losses were in India ($16.2 Billion) In India, total transmission and distribution losses approach 23% of total production. With LoRa enabled power and energy meters we can track energy usage in real-time which can solve grid infrastructure inefficiencies and demand response problem.