iNICU and iCHRC: The Story of the Birth of a Complete Child Healthcare Solution

The birth of a child is one of the most treasured moments for any parent. I and my wife, Ravneet Kaur were eagerly waiting for this big day. However, our dreams were shattered when we lost one of our twins because of preterm birth, in 26 weeks instead of the 34-38 week period. The deceased infant had succumbed to sepsis.

Fortunately, one of our babies survived but was more prone to illness due to a suppressed immune system.

Prematurity is a known curse to the child health especially in the developing nations like India. It is one of the leading causes of child’s deaths globally and costs around 20% of U5MR in India.

My interest as a biomedical engineer with two advanced degrees in engineering from the University of Wisconsin, and Ravneet Kaur, a post graduate in computer science brought us to the thought of designing a complete child healthcare solution that leverages IOT, Cloud and Big Data technology.

Our focus was to enhance the doctor-parent engagement model by enabling continuous and personalized child health monitoring from their birth to adolescence.

The Inception of a Big Idea

We built a comprehensive child health care solution with two applications: iNICU and iCHRCloud.

iNICU (integrated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) is an integrated platform which automatically captures real-time clinical data from the connected devices, laboratory results and bedside clinical observations, and analyses the data in medically significant and user-definable formats, which enhances the overall quality of healthcare provided to neonates in NICUs.

iNICU data is extended into an integrated Child Health Record (ICHRCloud) application which is an engagement platform to record and monitor the immunization schedule, health, growth and developmental profile of the child from birth to the age of 18 years.

Intel & DST – Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 Led our Way to the Future of Innovation

This Challenge is organized by Intel® and DST and it gave us the right mileage to push our product in the market with a strong brand sponsorship. We were able to showcase and scale our innovation in healthcare. It acted as a major catalyst to spark our growth in the market. Being on the list of top 10 innovators, Intel® provided us an edge start and recognition in addition to other technical support.

We are now using the Intel® Edison compute module to improve the processing capabilities of iNICU and also using the Intel® Atom tablet. We are seeking sponsorship for moon island gateway for further enhancement of neonatology decisions based on monitoring several devices. Enhanced visibility with award appreciation helped us in further expansion and to better showcase our product.

Since the digital solution offering is for mass appeal, the company is working towards making end users i.e. doctors, nurses and parents more digital-friendly in their everyday practice by providing relevant training, and infrastructure. After reasonable effort, the company has witnessed a change in behaviour and high adoption among users.

Our Journey from the Top 20 to Top 10

During the initial launch of our solution, we applied for the Challenge. We were filled with excitement when we learned that we had been screened as one of the top 20 innovators. We further reserved our position in best ten innovative solutions based on a short pitch presentation of the product in Hyderabad.

This was when we entered the accelerator phase. Accelerator phase is divided into three parts. In the 1st part, we were invited to the T-Hub Boot Camp, Hyderabad for one week. Here we were mentored by T-hub, and Intel® trained engineers. Learning about Intel® Architecture, product designing, and value proposition of our product polished our business or entrepreneurial skills.

Mind boggling deep thoughts about our product strengthened the connect and understanding of the product and its market. The accelerator phase helped us in identifying solutions to different problems faced by start-ups. This Challenge has been one of the best learning platforms for us.

Tremendous Help from Our Mentors

During the entire session, we were mentored by the technical experts at The T-Hub, Hyderabad dealing with clients in India and abroad. It tremendously helps in acquiring and polishing valuable skills for an entrepreneur.

We got training sessions on branding, sales, and building better communication strategies. It provided invaluable guidance to support the next big leap in the market i.e. from launch to further up scaling.

Our Idea Is the Future Solution for Complete Child Healthcare

We have projected a complete child healthcare solution from birth to adolescence. iNICU is a one stop workflow solution to assimilate and disseminate neonate information by connecting the generated source data from various devices. The application is designed to cater to all the responsibilities of different roles/owners (Nurse, Resident Doctor, Senior Doctor, Paediatrician, and Administrator). It’s an effort to eliminate human error in neonate health monitoring virtually.

The combined solution package of iNICU and iCHR is a complete child healthcare solution. What stands this offering apart from others is that it caters to both preterm and term babies. Also, we are the first to bring live data monitoring from anywhere, auto discharge summary and prediction of onset of infections.

For iCHRcloud, we already have more than 16,000 users from Delhi NCR regions. Three big hospitals from Delhi, NCR, and Mumbai are already on board for the pilot run of iNICU. Now, we are planning to offer iCHRcloud as a complementary service to iNICU to hospitals and expand our presence in other metro and distant cities.